allAccess Cloud File Services - Windows, Mac, Android and IOSThe use case for a general Contractor is unique. Allow staff in the field to document projects with pictures and written files with real time sharing with office staff.

Goal A: Share files/folders generated in the field with office in real time.
Goal B: Provide easy and secure access to the files/folders Mobile device access and tablet while mapping native desktop drive style access in the office.
Goal C: Allow staff to share files or folders with the customer to document their work.

Often the General contractor is required to document their projects progress from start to finish with photos and written copy to support the work in progress and what was completed and delivered. In the past this was a painful task of taking pictures with a digital camera that was later downloaded in the office and organized to create a report for the client. In some cases is was important to get images back to the office faster and so cell phone cameras were used with smaller images sent via email, often many emails. 

With allAccess cloud file services project shares can be created so that staff in the field can directly take pictures with their high resolution cell phone camera that save directly to the project folder. In the office the project folder is accessible in real time as pictures are saved the folder will reflect each saved image.

Now that you have the raw images from the field at the office, literally now, not when the field crew returns at the end of the day, you can start organizing them into a report.

Later once you create your report you can then share a finalized folder with the client so they can pull images of your work for review.

This scenario really tightens up the delivery time of data/images to the office from the field. You can even drop attachments from email on your phone to a folder in the allAccess cloud file service.

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