allAccess Cloud File Services

allAccess Cloud File Services - Windows, Mac, Android and IOSWhat makes allAccess an ideal file service is intuitive access to files across Windows, Mac, Android and IOS devices. Users simply use the system. Training is minimal and transitioning to allAccess is a seamless process.

allAccess is a cloud based file storage service for everyday use that integrates directly in to your desktop or handheld device regardless of operating system. That means you can create groups and access policies for users to access documents using native file access like network drives or mounted media in the office or on the road. File access can even be made available with no internet connection available to sync back later if needed. It is all secured with a private encryption key provided by you. Full Support for Windows, Mac, Android and IOS.

  • VPN Replacement
  • Sync on Demand
  • Mapped Cloud Drive
  • Centralized Folder Management
  • File Locking
  • and much more ...

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The allAccess Cloud File Service can be implemented two ways. The first way is configured as a straight up cloud based file server. We provide this as a managed service so we work with you to create all of the starting folder structures, groups policies and users. After that the local file agent is installed on your desktop or hand held device. Then you start pushing your files/data out to your allAccess Cloud storage container and start using the it.

Configuration option two leverages your existing Windows server. We start by installing the allAccess server agent on your Windows file server. This will allow allAccess to sync existing users, policies and shares with data to the allAccess File service. The replication process works in both directions. If files are changed in either file serve or allAccess File service, the modified file(s) are synced to the other. Active Directory users also flow through. Changes in users or access on the file server will be replicated to the allAccess File service.

allAccess Cloud File Services - Configuration

Enough about the technical parts. What are the major features.

VPN Replacement
No need for client side VPN's to access your data securely. The allAccess Cloud File Service uses encrypted connections for all points of access.

Sync on Demand
Set up access to files off-line with no internet access. Files will sync later if changes are made on either end when an active internet connection is detected.

Mapped Cloud Drive
Access your files natively and intuitively via mapped cloud drives in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

Centralized Folder Management
We provide a fully managed service with on going support. Add or modify folder shares, group policies and native users.

File Locking
When files are opened, for example by a word pressor, the file is locked so other users cannot edit the same file until you close the file. You can also manually lock a file to prevent others from editing a draft file, then manually unlock it when you are done.

File Versioning
Your account can be set to keep as many versions as you like e.g. 6 versions. When you edit a file and save it creates a version. The next save creates another version and so on. This is an account wide setting and each version does use storage space.

Guest File Sharing
Share read access to files or folders with an unlimited of number of guests. Receive email notices when they have read the file. Each license comes with 3 read/write guest shares so users can collaborate with guests as well. Folder notices also include when files are uploaded or downloaded from the folder share or when files change. Share can expiration e.g. 1 day, 1week, 3 months, 1 year or never expire.

File Access Native or Browser
There are two ways to access your files one is via native network shares on your Windows/Mac desktop or using the OS native Android IOS app and two via any modern internet browser.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Integration with Google Authenticator, Amazon MFA, DUO for two factor authentication.

End-Point Cache Encryption
Encrypting the file cache on remote end points renders the file cache useless when end user's access is revoked.

Anti-Virus Scanning
Integration with anti-virus scanning engine to protect against viruses.

Ransomeware Protection
Detect suspicious activity and block ransomeware.

So how does this actually work?
For many offices files are accessed via a mapped network drive. Open the drive. Open a file. During the file opening process the file is downloaded to your local computer and cached. The file is then opened by the associate application e.g. Word or Excel. From there the file is locked and you are working on the local cache copy. Each time to you save the cached copy is synced back to the cloud. After closing the file, the file is unlocked.

What makes allAccess ideal is that file access is intuitive across Windows, Mac, Android and IOS devices. Users simply use the system. Training is minimal and transitioning to allAccess can be a seamless process.

By allowing your users universal access to files and data they can be more effective both at their desk and in the field knowing they can get at what they need without complex or unreliable processes.

You want to run an entire team on tablets, do it. allAccess will support you.

You need a mix of desktop and hand held devices, do it. allAccess will support you.

See how companies in different industries use allAccess cloud file services:

General Office
Primary Features: Cloud based file server with team/group folders and file sharing with outside people. View full use scenario here.

Law Office
Primary Features: Desktop folder shares with team and Offline access to source folders shared. View full use scenario here. 

General Contractor 
Primary Features: Hand held device integration with field staff and office. View full use scenario here.

Windows Server integration and/or replacement
Primary Features: Windows file server integration. View full use scenario here.

Groups of all sizes can make use of core features. allAccess even has benefits for one user who may be collaborating with other people or who just wants to have full access to their files from more than one device like contacts on a cell phone shared with a desktop device. When you push files off of your device and put them in the cloud they are safe and secure. In fact, if your desktop breaks or hard drive fails, your files are not only safe in cloud storage, but you can still access them while waiting for a replacement device. No waiting for backups or some other form of recovery.

Base Pricing is $12 per user per month ($144 per year) or $120 per user annual billing. Setup/Configuration is fee based on how you plan to use the system e.g. number folders shares to setup, number groups to configure, etc.

Each user comes with 100GB storage added to a common pool. Additional storage is $6.00 per 100GB Monthly billing ( $72 per year ) or $60 per 100GB Annual Billing.

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