Secure Online Backup SolutionIt's no secret JIKOmetrix offers online backup as a managed service. However, some times reality can punctuate the value of a service.
I received a call from a client around 9:00AM. "Hi Mike ... Do you have minute?"

I respond, "Yes, how are things by you?"

The client continues, "Could be better. How do I go about getting files from my online backup account? I'm trying to prepare for a presentation in 3 hours."

I respond, "What happened?"

They blurt, "I spilled a hot cup of coffee on my laptop. I tried draining the coffee from it by flipping it over like a tent but it won't turn on any more."

I reply, "Turn on anymore? You tried to turn it back on? ... How long did you wait?"

They reply, "I let drain for about half hour and tried to power it up. Since it won't power up I'm thinking that I should get my files from the online backup."

As you can see your day can change from an average day to a "What do I do?" day very quickly.

I checked their account. It turns out that the backup client on their Mac power book had backed about 2 hours prior to the coffee spill. It also showed that they had over 50GB of data backed up.

They didn't need all of their files restored now, but had a few items that they did want recovered before their presentation. So I showed them how to use the web restore to select the files and folders they wanted to get now. Then we ordered a full DVD restore of the most current files, Total data set to be delivered on DVD's was 52GB.

Our service response is what made the difference from other self-service providers, we provided options that worked for the client and helped to claim a nerve racking situation.

We encourage everyone to backup their data. Insure your data, digital photos, financial records, and project work are safe and recoverable in the event of theft, accident or equipment failures.

Sign up today for our online backup service for as little as $15 per month. We perform the installation, configure, and test the backup process to ensure your important files and folders are backing up and can be recovered.

Secure Online Backup Solution

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What You Need To Do:

  1. Backup Your Important FilesCall for an appointment to discuss your backup needs.
  2. Signup for service.
  3. Schedule installation and orientation.
  4. Schedule Quarterly Follow up and testing.

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