Phil Nauman, President - Tech-Tron Sales, Inc.
"Our company's web site was in dire need of upgrading to a new and fresh style. We contacted Tech One Illustration for assistance. Right from the start, we knew they interpreted our requirements. We are very happy with the end results and would highly recommend their services."

Jerilynne Knight, strategist - speaker - consultant - author
"I'm so glad Michael responded to a post I wrote a couple of years ago. He has been such a gift to me and never seems to get frustrated with my gazillion questions. I have moderately techie background and have almost no knowledge of web-related stuff. He is always there. Always helpful. And always generous of spirit. Thanks Michael!"

Chester Kiernicki, President - CRK Consulting Group
"Mike is a creative problem solver which allows him to work through an issue and present a solution that works well, is cost effective and allows for growth. He blends strong technical expertise with business sense and comes up with ideas that a client can use to expand and enhance their operations.

I've worked with Mike on several different types of projects over the last 3 years and in every case Mike's expertise, technical skills and business know how made each of them successful."

Jane Alexander, Editor-in-Chief - Maintenance Technology & Lubrication Management & Technology
"I’m sitting here working away very efficiently on my computer, turning on a dime, in and out of Entourage so easily. All of a sudden, it dawned on me that I had not taken the time to tell you guys “Thank You” for getting me back into the saddle so quickly last week! I really appreciate you both. You’re delights to work with!"

Jill Claypool, Principal - Entrepreneurial Education Excellence
"Ya know, buddy, if I haven’t told you lately how much I appreciate you, now is the time! You are always prompt with follow up, kind and patient with me and you fix my issues quickly. Huge thanks!!!!"

Joel Hawbaker, Principal - Epic Audio Designs, Inc.
"After moving from our previous host, I thought I’d write you to let you know we DON'T have any complaints. Our email has been working very well since we got everything set up and figured out. Outlook does not time out on your system and everything moves much faster when sending and receiving than it did with our previous host."

Dave Swanson, Principal & Founder - SwanDog Strategic Marketing, LLC
"As a small start up venture, I needed a website for credibility and I needed it FAST! Not only did I get both, but JIKOmetrix did an exceptional job of understanding my needs and offering great solutions. My site is everything I had hoped and the highest compliment I received was from a client who suggested that “you’d never know it was a first-time out effort.”

Sandy Lopez, Director of Technology - Illinois ASBO
"Tech One Illustrations (JIKOmetrix), is a company that is committed to excellence, which is evident in the quality of their products and their ability to deliver what they promise. I have been a client for over 8 years and have never been disappointed with theexceptional customer service and work ethic that Tech One Illustration has provided my association throughout the years."

Darrin Haugan, President - Trunis Inc.
"Jikometrix is one of those special organizations that you can't image doing business without them. They are a valuable partner in my business as well as my clients. Jikometrix provides excellent service with by taking a professional and reliable approach to our needs. They are eager to help and very responsive."

Deborah L. Wilke, M.S. - Compassionate Counseling
"I have found you to be a superior web host because of your patience in explaining technical things to a technophobe like me and because of your swift response time to my questions and concerns."

Jan Belzer, Creator and President -
"KidsKonnect has been operating on the Internet since May of 2000. Recently, we made the decision to change our hosting service and moved to JIKOmetrix, end of August 2006. The transition was seamless and it has turned out to be the best decision we could have made.

JIKOmetrix is and sound and reliable company that responds quickly, brings a cadre of knowledge and expertise to the table, and is extremely dependable. There is no question they can't answer and no problem too difficult to solve. Mike has spent a great deal of time guiding us through the changes and growth we are experiencing. I look forward to making this journey with JIKOmetrix for a long, long time. Their expertise and support are invaluable to all of us at KidsKonnect."

Victor Owen, President - American Property Resources, Inc.
"I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did in helping me to make the changeover from my old ISP to your JIKOmetrix hosting site.I usually approach this kind of change with fear and trepidation,but you made it fast, easy and problem free. I particularly appreciated your attention to detail in setting up the main site, helping to install and pre-configure some of the add-on modules, and sending me confirming e-mails with all of the links and password information that I needed to “take the training wheels off” and start administering my own sites. Keep up the great work, and I’m looking forward to our working together on these and other projects in the months to come."

Jerry Wong, Mindhiway PTY Limited
"I have 2 web sites hosted with two different companies.Their services are nowhere near jikometrix. It is amazing that Mike did reply to all of my inquiries within 24 hours. He is both technical and friendly. I will certainly recommend Jikometrix to my clients."

Juli Barcelona, Advertising and Marketing - Barcelona & Co, Inc.
"JIKOmetrix has all the qualities one looks for in their hosting service…or any service for that matter. They are prompt, skillful, efficient and friendly. And their comprehensive knowledge of everything from creating and hosting sites to setting up servers and managing email accounts make them a one-stop-shop for all your IT needs.

While helping with the installation of our file server, JIKOmetrix had discussed with us their hosting capabilities. They were aware of the poor customer service we were receiving from our then present hosting company. We told JIKOmetrix about how their support staff was constantly changing and how their billing practices were very unclear. This endless frustration led us to switch hosting companies and we decided that JIKOmetrix would be the best fit for our small company.

JIKOmetrix helped us through the transition quickly and with the utmost patience and tact, all the while allowing our clients to experience few setbacks. Now that we have everything up and running, JIKOmetrix has exceeded our expectations and is a pleasure to work with."

Darlene Kopta, President - DarStar Enterprises, Inc.
"I am so happy to have found Jikometrix to help me set up and also host the website for my new business. They happily answered so many questions I had and guided me in setting up my merchant account. Their knowledge of the whole web-world is astonishing, yet they can explain the most complex operations in layman's terms so novices like me can understand. I value their advice and recommend their services."


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