allAccess Cloud File Services - Windows, Mac, Android and IOSThe use case for a law office is very common. The owner has a desktop PC with several folders on the desktop that they want to move to the cloud. They have several goals in mind.

Goal A: Share these folders with team members directly from desktop or from the cloud.
Goal B: Provide easier access to the folders and data, such as browser based access, Mobile access and native desktop mapped drive style access.
Goal C: Team members are to have easy access to those folders, preferably with a browser or mobile device.

This is a very common use case for a team environment, when the team is not necessarily in the same office. The office manager doesn’t want to maintain file server in the office, nor do they want a VPN type remote access solution.

Welcome to the era of cloud computing, these goals are achieved by the native allAccess cloud file service feature base.

The allAccess cloud file service feature used to share data with the team is called ‘Direct Sync’. This feature allows the user to select a cloud folder that will be synced for use by the team to access. As the desktop folder changes those changes are copied to the cloud version in near real time. Add file on the desktop and the team can see it on the cloud share. Modify a file and save it, the team now has the saved version available to them.

The sync process does require an active internet connection. However, if you are on a plane with no internet connection and you modify a file in the shared folder, that file will sync in the background at the next available active internet connection over a secure encrypted connection.

Note that the ‘Direct Sync’ feature makes the source available to the owner offline. As apposed to simply using the cloud file service as the sole source of files storage and access.

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