Q. How do I create email accounts?
A. To create an email account, login to your control panel and click add/remove email accounts.

Q. What do I put for both incoming and outgoing mail server?
A. For both incoming and outgoing mail server put:

Q. Where do I go to check my emails using my browser?

Q. How can I setup webmail to go directly to horde, neomail or squirrel mail?
A. Login to the one you prefer to use after doing so copy the entire url from your address bar. You will now login to your cpanel and create a subdomain to go to the address you just copied.

Q. Are there special settings for Mac Entourage and IMAP email?
A. Users of Entourage for Mac OS 9.x and OS X may experience an issue where the server response time is slow, files are not moved and/or deleted properly, and receive a periodic error stating "lost mailbox lock". This is a known issue with Entourage. By default Entourage attempts to send commands to the mail server simultaneously, instead of individually. Concurrent commands may not be processed properly and can cause commands to be applied incorrectly to messages. The server may also reject the commands.

Here is how to solve this problem:

    1. Open Microsoft Entourage and select Accounts from the Tools menu.
    2. Click the IMAP account you wish to edit and click Edit.
    3. When the account opens, select the second tab named Options.
    4. Look for the option "Send commands to server simultaneously". By default it is checked.
    5. Uncheck this box now. There should NOT be a check in the box.
    6. Click OK to save the changes. Quit Entourage and then re-open.

Q. Why do some people that send me email get bounce errors that say "Could not complete sender verify call out" or "Sender verify failed"?
A. SYMPTOMS: When someone attempts to send you email it never arrives. The email is eventually bounced back to the sender with an error similar to those below:
550 Could not complete sender verify call out
550 Sender verify failed

Our mail servers attempt to validate the sending email address before accepting any mail. They do this by issuing a RCPT TO command to the sending mail server with the senders email address. If the sending mail server responds with a 250 command then they know the sending email address exists and therefore accept the message.

If we are unable to verify the sender then we issue a response similar to that above.

The main reason that the sender verify can fail is because the remote mail server does not conform to standard RFCs. We issue a RCPT TO command to their server but they do not wait long enough for a response. RFC 2821 # states that the mail server should wait up to 5 minutes for a response.

Ask the sender to ensure their mail server complies with RFC 2821 # and/or on a per email basis, we can white list specific email addresses you need to communicate with  while the IT staff of the sending server is adjusting their servers configuration. Please provide the contact information of the IT staff that manages the senders email server.