d4-blankHow many domains?

The most frequently asked question! How many domains can I host? The simple answer is 'we don't know' but we have tried to give an explanation below that may help.

How many domains can I host? 

A Semi-Dedicated Server is just the same as a dedicated server, you have a set amount of resources that you can use. However there is no formula for working out how many actual sites that amounts to. It could be 1 or it could be hundreds.

Imagine asking a car salesman how much fuel you will use. Without knowing exactly how many miles you travel and how you drive the car there is no way an answer can be found.

Servers are the same. Adding a site to a server uses no resources, what uses resources is:

  • Customers using the control panel
  • Collecting email
  • Using FTP
  • Visitors on web pages
  • The type of site it is

vps3-blank That's the information needed to try and start working out how many, the problem is they are all unknown quantities until the site is on your server, we have no more idea what they are than you do.

If you are hosting mainly HTML sites then you will get more on than if they are busy dynamic sites. We have Semi-Dedicated Servers with 100 sites on them, we also have them with only one site.

A busy forum site with say 10,000 members and 700 users a day would probably need a dual 2.4Ghz server with at least 2GB of RAM, probably more. Whereas a site with one mailbox, one static html page and a user that rarely uses anything would need next to no resources so you could put hundreds on your Semi-Dedicated Server. You will probably find most sites fall somewhere in between.

What's the answer?

There isn't one, what you need to do is monitor your Semi-Dedicated Server, don't overload it and when you are getting near full either upgrade or add another Semi-Dedicated Server to your business. By leaving headroom in your Semi-Dedicated Server you can concentrate on other work rather than trying to keep an overloaded server running.


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