Windows Server integration and/or replacement - A Use Scenario

allAccess Cloud File Services - Windows, Mac, Android and IOS

The use case for Windows file server integration is common. Give users secure access to existing files and folders based on current active directory settings on an in office windows file server.

Goal A: Provide access to files/folders outside the office natively without a VPN.
Goal B: Provide easy and secure access to the files/folders regardless of device, such as browser based access, Mobile access and native desktop mapped drive style access.
Goal C: Replicate existing files to the cloud with file versioning.
Goal D: sync users, permissions and network shares to cloud service.

In this scenario there is an existing windows server with existing data, users, permissions and network shares. The IT person has determined that the office need more reliable access to files and data without the complexity of VPN style remote access.

The allAccess Cloud file service supports and integrates with existing windows servers to replicate existing data, users, permissions and network shares to the cloud service. Data seeding is performed in the background. When a user installs their allAccess Cloud file service client, they see all of the same files, folders and network drives they had access to on the windows server. That means a seamless transition to on in office to cloud for the user and the IT person.

This is a two way process. If the in office server is left in place, data and users sync back between the two as needed. This process can also be used to replace windows file servers by removing the file server after the sync process completes leaving only the allAccess Cloud file service as the office file server.

Users now have secure access to their files and team folders via Windows, Mac, Android and IOS devices inside and outside the office. Secure encrypted connections for all in transit data. You can even enable at rest encryption for secure at rest storage.

It is important to note that this is not a simple network share where files are created on the local desktop and copied to the team folders. When a user creates a file that is saved to an allAccess Cloud file service it is saved to a local cache and synced in the background to the service. This allows you to work a local file speeds with your applications with no sign of network lag. In fact all files make use of this intermediate cache process. It makes the system more seamless an efficient.

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